Visit to Santa Claus Village, December 2017

Visit to Santa Claus Village, December 2017

 Santa Claus is coming to Santa Claus Village in Bałtów again.

Starting from 01st December he will be waiting for children in his cozy cabin. His team of elves who accompany him, will create a reat spirit of fun for everybody.

The main attraction would be obviously meeting with Santa Claus himself. He will have a great sense of humor and a high level of cinnamon.

You will be able to talk to him, take a personal photo, and if you were polite throughout the year, he will probably will give you a gift. For those who were a little bit naughty, Santa Claus has prepared a special grinder for grinding the sins.

When all the sins are ground, you will be able to write a letter to Santa and put it into a special Santa mailbox.

After meeting with Santa, we invite you to visit this incredible, fairytale village. Busy Elves will invite you to their cottages. You will see how they live and work.

Mrs. Christmas Tree has prepared a Fair with beautiful, handmade Christmas decorations. Mr Snowman will play with you at the campfire.  You will have time to organise the snowballs battle and play with the ice ball.

In the Village you will feel the magic of Christmas, you will taste delicous  home-made pastries, drink hot chocolate and drink aromatic winter tea.

Schools planning the visit to Santa Claus Village, contact us for details.