Ornithological workshops, 4/7th June 2018

Ornithological workshops, 4/7th June 2018

We invite the bird lovers to particiapte in a unique, three-day ornithological workshop which will be held on 4-7 June 2018 in Wizna close to  Narew River. This workshop will give you the opportunity not only for some unique moments of relaxation, but first of all it  will allow participants to gain practice in recognizing ornithofauna and expand their knowledge about it. We often wonder what bird is flying above us, singing or resting on a branch. Sometimes it irritates us that after taking a photo we do not know exactly what we photographed. The identification of individual individuals is complicated by the large diversity and variability of avifauna. The spring is the opportunity to see and hear representatives of 100-200 more or less similar species in Poland!

The workshops will begin with accommodation for the guests on the evening of June 4, 2018. It will last for three consecutive days and end on the afternoon of June 7, 2018. We invite you to joint observations in a very rich bird area located on the edge of two international bird sanctuaries – Wizna Marshes and the Biebrza Valley. Excursions will take place under the supervision of an experienced ornithologist, who will not only help you to broaden your diagnostic knowledge, but also tell you about the life and habits of the species you meet. We will get to know the water avifauna, clawed representatives, ornithofauna, shelters, reed beds, meadows and swamps. We will try to identify and talk about the habits of at least 100 species, tracking them both from land and from the water – during cruises with a comfortable passenger catamaran. Among the objects of our interest are also pearls of the Biebrza Marshes and surrounding areas such as: lemon wagtail, both species of eagles, ritic and aquatic warbler. We will learn to identify birds by voice and by appearance and gain valuable “treatment” and “auscultation” to help recognize similar species.

The busy days will be enriched by cozy evenings, pre-ceremonial ornithological presentations, richly illustrated with photographs of birds and nature films.

The offer includes:

  • three nights with breakfast 
  • two passenger catamaran cruises
  • two or three bird’s multimedia presentations
  • care of a professional guide and ornithologist conducting classes.