Incentive trips (for groups only)

You may ask what an Incentive trip can have in common with slow travel. They seem like quite  different kind of trips. Incentive is a trip full of action  whereas slow travel seems like a lazy Sunday afternoon. However we will show you it is possible to join both of them into one amazing itinerary. We have been organizing incentive trips for more than 20 years and we know that what is the most important in the incentive trip is an interesting scenario.  So is for the slow travel. So we will prepare a  tailor made program  including river kayaking, balloon rides, mountain trekking, sailing on water or on ice, wine/beer/vodka tasting, horse riding, photo hunting, taking a boat which moves on land, picnics under the stars, visits to local handicraft artists and  many other attractions.

If you follow the idea of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) we will  give you the opportunity to help the local authorities  to solve one of many problems they face every day.

The variety of hotel accommodation offers excellent conditions both for small and big groups. Why don’t you bring your clients here for your next visit abroad?