We offer accommodation in small boutique hotels, palaces, manors, villas, cottages, thematic village farms and city apartments.


We offer transportation in comfortable mini buses, coaches or limousines. We can also arrange train tickets for trips all over Poland.


We organize outdoor events such as kayaking, culinary weekends, visits to wineries, breweries and National Parks, winter sleigh rides and many other attractions. Please check updated list of events for individual travelers in the Event Calendar.

Quality food

We recommend only restaurants offering food based on local high quality products. We organize culinary workshops which allow you not only, to learn how to prepare some dishes, but also to feel the difference between eating and nourishing.

Your advantages while booking with Poland Slow Travel


We save your time which you would have to spend browsing through the internet looking for places which often are really difficult to find. We organize trip for your family, group of friends or for your company according to your interests.


We recommend only the places which we have visited ourselves and we are sure about the service they provide. Thanks to that we can be sure, that the places and events which we recommend and organize for you, will meet your expectations.


Quality is the most important factor which we expect from all service providers. We strongly believe that the trip we organize for you, will stay in your mind with many nice memories.


We do believe that people are the real factor which makes your journey magical and unforgettable. We hope that during the tour we organize, you will meet people who follow the same values in their lives as you do, and you will build up relationships for life.