Cheese making workshop, Tykocin, 12/13 November 2017

Cheese making workshop, Tykocin, 12/13 November 2017

We invite you for a two-day workshop and an intensive course of cheese making. We will teach you the secrets of making basic cheeses, and the knowledge gained will allow you to produce your own cheeses and even create your own cheese compositions.

The first day of the workshop we will start with making Koryciński cheese. Then, by yourself, you will make your own cheese at the two-person stand. The first cheese will be so called Żuławski Cheese also called Hand Kase. It will depend on whether you make it as ripening or cheese for quick consumption. The first day of the workshop will be finished by making your own Gouda cheese. In technological breaks we prepare a leaven for sourdough bread.

On the second day we will make real Cameberts and Oscypek cheese. We will also bake our sourdough breads. The cheeses you will be able to take home with you to eat with friends or continue to grow up. We work on microbial nets also our cheeses are perfect for vegetarians. Interested parties will be able to purchase starter kits.

At the end, the participants will receive a diploma of completion of the workshop and the materials containing the rules. The knowledge and skills acquired during our workshops will even allow you to plan to open our own professional cheese shop.

The cost of the workshop is 490 PLN per person with accommodation in a double room and Half Board

The stated cost does not include transportation.

Booking is subject to an advance payment of 150 PLN per person.
In the event of cancellation of training due to lack of adequate number of people, the advance payment will be fully reimbursed to the account specified.